• We partner with OEM process tool manufacturers to provide full turn-key, and custom, automation handling solutions.
  • We customize the automated solutions to meet end customer specifications, and allow them to be integrated into end users production environments.
  • We have extensive experience with different wafer types, different OEM process tools, and different factory integration requirements.
  • CHAD can supply standard wafer handling solutions to meet your non-standard wafer handling requirements.

  • Wafer Handlers for 50mm to 450mm Wafers
  • Wafer Thickness Down to 75
  • Experienced in Handling Non-Standard Wafers, Including: Film Frame, Glass, Perforated, Reticle, Substrate, Thin, Trenched and Warped
  • Support for All Packaging Types, Including FOUP-POD, SMIF-POD, Open Cassette, Coin Stack and Film Frame
  • Cleanliness Levels Down to ISO Class-2
  • CE, S2, and S8 Compliant

  • Formed sheet metal construction
  • Low cost
  • Small footprint
  • For 50mm To 200mm Wafers In Open Cassettes
  • Cleanliness Levels Down To ISO Class-4
  • CE, S2, And S8 Compliant
  • Formed sheet metal construction
  • Low cost
  • Single FOUP width, or multiple FOUP width
  • Small footprint (22 wide)
  • For 200mm to 450mm wafers in BOLTS compliant packaging:
    • FOUP
    • FOSB
    • SMIF
  • Cleanliness Levels Down to ISO Class-2
  • CE, S2, and S8 Compliant

  Non-Standard Wafers

We can handle any kind of wafer:

  • Thin (< 75um thick)
  • Warped (up to 10mm)
  • Trenched
  • Glass
  • Substrate
  • Reticle
  • Film Frame
  • Perforated
  • Bumped

Line Configurations

Different configurations include:

  • Supporting One Tool
  • Supporting Two Tools (Either Sequentially Of Independently)
  • Supporting Three Tools
  • Supporting Inline Process Equipment (Loading And Unloading)
  Line Configurations