Printing Pads and Ink
Printing Pad
AIS offers a full line of printing supplies including hot stamp dies, and standard and customized silicone transfer printing pads and inks.

Print plates, platemaking equipment, surface energy kits, and UV ink curing systems are also available.

AIS offers a full line of finished plates as well as blank plate material and the equipment to produce your own plates.

VC-1 Viscosity Controller:
Viscosity Control for Sealed Ink Cups
Printing Pad The VC-1 Viscosity Controller provides continuous monitoring and adjustment of ink viscosity inside a sealed ink cup. The VC-1 can be retrofitted to many other manufacturers' machines:-
  • Automatically controls ink viscosity without operator intervention
  • Three viscosity ranges to handle virtually any type of ink
  • Mounted directly in the sealed ink cup eliminating the need for off-printer ink reservoirs
  • In-cup design allows for fast and easy clean-up and color changeover
  • Ink viscosity is maintained by setting the desired parameters in the electronic control program
  • Continuously monitors the ink viscosity and compares it to the preset value

UV Cleaner & UV Lamp and UV Curing Equipment Solution
Jelight'sUVO-CleanerŪ is completely manufactured from polished stainless steel, and is equipped with a digital timer to control exposure time. The UVO-CleanerŪ also features an automatic shut-off switch to prevent accidental exposure to UV.

High Intensity UV Lamp Design Operating intensity is at least 25% greater than competitive systems for increased throughput.

  UV Cleaner & UV LampUV Wafer Eraser Equipment

UV Cleaner & UV Lamp and UV Curing Equipment Solution
Uvexs is the leader in the design and manufacture of high performance UV curing system.

UVEXS ink specialist:-

  • Is No 1 choice for the highest decorative gloss quality
  • Remarkable adherence on Glass/ Metals/ Nylon /acrylic
  • Printing colorful, high definition images on irregular or curved surfaces
  • UV cured pad print inks accelerating ink dry time, reducing solvent usage
  • Ideal even for automotive applications & electronics manufacturing
Uvexs project additional chemical product line, features as follows-

  • Top coating for LED displays
  • Keypads, packaging, witches & automative type assemblies
  • UV & medical application
  • Medical & consumer application
UV Curing Equipment Solution

Micro Polishing Solution

Instance Socket Cleaning Solution
Clean as you test

Cleaning solution for pogo pin auto test during device testing